NEW BLOOD: UK black/thrash warriors Scythian unleashed their debut full-length, 'To Those Who Stand Against Us ...' on the inauspicious date of Sept. 9 (that's 9/9/9, for the numerically challenged). Produced by Leon Macey (Mithras) and released by Greek extremists Necroterror Records, the album features full-color artwork by Manuel Tinnemans and includes eight war songs of blindingly technical, yet viciously bestial, extreme metal that owes as much to the primal Teutonic thrash of Sodom and evil Floridian stench of vintage Morbid Angel as it does to the majestic, epic strains of Bathory's 'Hammerheart' era.

It's one of the most promising debuts to hit the extreme metal scene in recent memory. A special-edition 'Die-Hard' version of the album will be available from Hell's Headbanger's in the next few months; until then, U.K. heshers can catch Scythian in Dublin, Ireland co-headlining the last ever Gospel of the Horns gig on Sept. 26.

ENTER THE GRAVE: Also on Sept. 9, London-based cult favorites Grave Miasma (formerly Goat Molester) have released their debut, 'Exalted Emanation,' via Sepulchral Voice to immediate acclaim. Featuring 35 minutes of nihilistic, crushing death metal in the doomed vein of Incantation and Necros Christos, the album has been pressed on CD and vinyl, with a re-release of 'Realm of Evoked Doom' soon to follow on She'ol Productions.

DOOMED TO DEATH: Horror-hungry Japanese death/doom primitives Coffins have a new seven-inch split with like-minded doomed souls Spun in Darkness available now from up-and-coming Philadelphia label Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

THE BRITISH (AND NORWEGIANS) ARE COMING: Hot on the heels of the Southern Lord re-release of 1999's 'Through Thick 'til Death' album, true Norwegian black metallers Urgehal are embarking upon their first conquest of North American soil this week on the Endurance of Iron & Blasphemy Tour, backed by black/death warriors Spearhead, who will be unveiling tracks from their brand new record, 'Decrowning the Irenarch.' Trust me, this is one tour you do not want to miss! Tour dates below:

Urgehal tour dates
Sept. 14 -- Brooklyn, N.Y. -- Europa
Sept. 15 -- Pittsburgh, Pa. -- 31st Pub
Sept. 16 -- Detroit -- Blondies
Sept. 17 -- Chicago -- White Star Bar
Sept. 18 -- Lake Nebagamon, Wis. -- Wasko's Campground
Sept. 19 -- St. Paul, Minn. -- Big V's
Sept. 21 -- Riverton, Wyo. -- F.O.E.
Sept. 23 -- Aurora, Colo. -- Iliff Park Saloon
Sept. 24 -- Salt Lake City, Utah -- Club Vegas
Sept. 25 -- Las Vegas -- Yayo's
Sept. 26 -- Los Angeles -- Iron Room (Gathering of the Bestial Legion 4)
Sept. 27 -- San Jose, Calif. -- The Voodoo Lounge
Sept. 28 -- Oakland, Calif. -- The Oakland Metro
Sept. 29 -- Sacramento, Calif. -- The Fire Escape

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