Fredrik Andersson, ex-Amon Amarth drummer, has issued a public apology to his former bandmates on social media. Andersson and the group split around six years ago.

The drummer claimed he reached out to the members personally but did not receive any responses, so he felt the need to publicly post about the matter as a way of closing the chapter.

"As Einstein said, if you expect a different result you have to try a different approach. And for the longest time I expected the guys would change their minds or regret their decision. I have now come to terms that they won’t," he wrote on Facebook.
The post continues to detail issues Andersson and the band were having over royalty shares and other publishing rights, and why he felt that he was entitled to them. By the end of it, he apologized.
"With all that being said and my final airing of the issues; I apologize to the members and to the fans for the grievance I have caused fighting a lost case. It was wrong of me to assume I should get to keep my share," he continued. "I’m now closing the book and I wish the band a continued great success."
Andersson then went on to insist that his anger toward his former bandmates was never a result of the split, because he is happy to no longer be involved with the group. However, he also clarified that he doesn't apologize for calling frontman Johan Hegg a liar for the things he once said in Sweden Rock Magazine.
Read the full post below.

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