Some fraudster is selling death metal band Sanguisugabogg's new album Homicidal Ecstasy and their Tortured Whole debut on an imposter Bandcamp page.

The album is out today (Feb. 3) and was preceded by three singles — "Pissed," "Necrosexual Deviant" and "Face Ripped Off." Today also happens to be "Bandcamp Friday" where the host platform, out of the goodness of their hearts, waive their portion of the profits they typically earn from all music sales, meaning thieving scum are aiming to rip off just a little bit more from the Ohio-based brutes.

The 'Bogg blasted the news out on social media, urging their fans to report this phony Bandcamp page (click here to do your part). "Someone uploaded our album without our permission, please share and report this FAKE page," they wrote.

The internet is overwhelmed with fraudulent activity, from scammers pretending to be celebrity musicians asking fans for money through social media to swarms of bots in the comments sections on Instagram and, of course, those annoying robo-calls trying to get your credit card number by saying the lease on your car is up.

But a nefarious plot to pilfer from a hard working death metal band? Sure, eggs are really expensive right now, but are some loose scraps of 'Bogg bucks really going to pay all those bills? Why not just sell NFTs instead? Those are totally legal.

What you should do is support the actual Sanguisugabogg and get Homicidal Ecstasy — fraud-free — here. And you can catch them on the Chaos & Carnage tour, featuring co-headliners Dying Fetus and Suicide Silence alongside Born of Osiris, Aborted, Crown the Magnetar and Slay Squad, at these dates. For tickets, head here.

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