Since even his early days in Attack Attack! and later Of Mice & Men, it's very clear God has been a part of Austin Carlile's life and lyrical output. The past few months, Carlile's battle with Marfan's Syndrome has intensified, and on Twitter he's been thanking God for his continued ability to stay alive. Recently, he took to the social media platform to air his grievances about his faith, and how some of his fans don't take to his Christianity, saying, "I lose followers any time I speak about God."

He wrote:

“It may not be “cool” to believe, it may not be popular, but the GOD of the entire universe loves you. Realizing this changed my entire life. I LOSE followers any time I speak about God or His son Jesus, ppl don’t wanna hear it. What I GAIN from knowing Him though… irreplaceable. & that’s ALL I want to share w anyone who’s willing to read, because there IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT. We ALL will die one day…. then what?

I turned my back on Christ @ 17 when He took my Mom. Literally ran out of hospital, threw head & middle fingers in air screaming “F*CK YOU!” The next 24 hours I tried drugs, drinking, & sex for the first time. In the next week almost went to juvenile correction for breaking &… … entering, grand theft auto, aggravated AND felonious assault… Followed by 10 years of alcoholism, drug use, loads of promiscuous sex & literally running away from God/doing all I could to separate myself from Him. My story is radical, but so is His LOVE, MERCY & FORGIVENESS.

The bible says WHOSOEVER believes/follows shall have everlasting life. WHOSOEVER meaning whoever, anyone, everyone. As you ARE & not having to change to come before Him. HE changes you. A matter of the heart (filling that missing space) & the heart is what He heals & restores x If God can change/save Saul who literally KILLED Christians for $$$, (later named PAUL & wrote chapter in Bible) He can change YOU & I ❤🕊”

Recently, Carlile appeared at the Oregon Health and Science University to deliver a speech to the future medical team of the university about the importance of having a cooperative care team and what it means to the patient to those at the Institute. It was a pretty touching speech, noting that despite feeling lost, the care team helped bring him to a point of mental health and gave him the power to continue the fight.

Meanwhile, Of Mice & Men are continuing to release new music without Carlile, and are set to release a full-length in the future. At this point, we've already heard a couple singles from the group including "Back to Me" and "Unbreakable," showing the growth the band has made and the future that will come for them.

Read Carlile's full comments on Twitter.

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