Phil Demmel has turned up in a variety of projects since his exit from Machine Head, but he's attempting to consolidate all his future solo works, launching a new music umbrella dubbed Echoes of Reckoning.

Demmel reveals that the plan is to release his various solo projects, no matter what style, under the Echoes of Reckoning name. Most recently, that included the song "The Permanent Decay" that featured himself and former Machine Head drummer Dave McClain joined by Megadeth's David Ellefson and Bleeding Through's Brandan Schieppati. Have a listen to the track below and look for the song arriving on digital services this Friday (Jan. 31).

"I look forward to collaborating with my friends and capturing these little auditory snapshots on 'tape.' Really excited to trap some lightning in a bottle and share it with the digital world," said Demmel in a statement, as reported by Blabbermouth.

Since exiting Machine Head, Demmel has played mainly with Vio-Lence, while also turning up with the metal supergroup Hail. He's also played with Metal Allegiance in the past as well and was part of Metal Allegiance, Ronnie Montrose Remembered and Dimebash shows at the recent NAMM convention.

Phil Demmel, David Ellefson, Brandan Schieppati + Dave McClain, "The Permanent Decay"

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