Former Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach -- you know, the guy who sang on 'Alive or Just Breathing,' the 2002 album that is now considered a neo-classic, and then shockingly hit the eject button just as the band was rocketing into the metal stratosphere -- is somewhat back on the scene with a few new projects.

His latest, Empire Shall Fall, is admittedly like KsE and Seemless, his post-KsE band. "It's different, though, in that there are blast beats and grindcore parts," Leach told Noisecreep. "It's also got that heavy indie rock vibe, too, like Jawbox and At the Drive-in. There is that element of vocals yelling over melodic parts."

Despite being seven years removed from his role as KsE's original singer, Leach admits he still gets MySpace messages about the hot topic. "I get them every day," said Leach, who still has mad love for his former KsE brothers. "The notes are mostly positive, though."

Leach is also a man of several skills. He even cuts his longtime wife's hair. "I'm like Choke, from 'Slapshot'! I'm a man of many talents," Leach joked.

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