Former Iced Earth vocalist Stu Block admits that his onetime bandmate and Iced Earth founder Jon Schaffer "fucked up" by participating in the Jan. 6 storming of the the United States Capitol. But he recently said he holds no hate for the embattled guitarist and feels bad for how "everything went down."

Block, who left Iced Earth in February following Schaffer's arrest for his involvement in the extremist siege on the government, explained his stance during a recent video interview with The Metal Voice.

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"We all make bad decisions, man, and [Jon] fucked up real bad," Block says. "I'm sure he knows it, and I think everybody with half a brain knows it… The line that was crossed with going in and all that." [via Blabbermouth]

Schaffer "had so much going on," the ex-Iced Earth singer adds. "It was a shame. It hurts, 'cause you've got plans, and all of a sudden, you can't tell someone what to do — you can't tell a very strong-willed individual what to do; you can't. And so it would be lost words."

Schaffer was released on bail in April after spending nearly three months in jail. He pled guilty to two charges related to the Capitol riot, though he was initially charged with six crimes. Schaffer subsequently said he was assaulted with feces and urine in jail.

But Block is understanding, even if from afar.

"At the end of the day, I don't hate him," he shares. "I'm not writhing in hate for him. I feel sad. I feel bad that everything went down the way it did. And maybe one day we'll talk. I don't know. I'm not too sure. But I think he knows that I still have a place in my heart for him, because I've seen that man do a lot of amazing, wonderful things for people. But I just wanna move on."

To that end, Block recently revealed he'd rejoined prog-death metal outfit Into Eternity following his performance with the act at Loud as Hell fest July 30. He was previously a member until 2013.

"I will be coming back sharing lead vocal duties with the amazing Amanda [Kiernan]!" Block said in an Aug. 2 update on his official Facebook page. "The insane talent that is in this band needs to be showcased to the world again, through new recordings and some touring. We will be working hard on new music and refining the live show to perfection for you to enjoy."

Stu Block (Into Eternity, ex-Iced Earth) Talks to The Metal Voice - Aug. 5, 2021

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