"I think the band wanted a name that was evocative, visual," Flying Machines guitarist John Wlaysewski explains to Noisecreep. "Flying Machines has that effect. People picture what they will when they hear the name, and I hope they get a sense of our music ambitions, our desire to 'take off,' both creatively and otherwise. It feels a bit classic rock to me, and I think that is an accurate evocation of our influences as well."

In the current musical landscape of iPods, illegal downloading, no videos on MTV and massive layoffs at the major labels, bands are getting discovered in many more unique ways these days. Enter Flying Machines, one of the first bands in the world to 'break' thanks to a cross-promotion between an online radio station and a major cable television network. Wlaysewski sent a demo of the band's work to Yahoo! Launch Radio and soon the band's songs were being used for USA Networks programming.

"In the end, we are proof that the way bands can get their music to the public is changing with an ever expanding universe of ideas and opportunities," says Wlaysewski.

While Flying Machines say they are a mix of influences, Wlaysewski is quick to admit he has a lot in common with most rock artists. "I do love a good Black Sabbath or Alice Cooper tune, but I also love Tom Waits, Ween, Phoenix, Bob Dylan and Elvis Costello. I think I may just love 'heart' when it is expressed through music."

Accomplishing much in just three years as a band, Flying Machines attribute it all to their extreme work ethic and ability to think outside the box. "I think we have the right musical approach for the right time, and I think our music will get its due. It's not a conscious choice, the band we are stylistically. The music we write and learn comes instinctively and naturally from the musicians that are in the room. As it happens, I think the world is ready for Flying Machines."

'Flying Machines' is available now via Meteor 17.

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