Two former members of HIM, guitarist Mikko "Linde" Lindström and drummer Mike "Gas Lipstick" Karppinen have teamed with ex-Amorphis bassist Niclas Etelävuori and Polanski vocalist Anttoni "Anthony" Pikkarainen in the new band Flat Earth, which has just released the video for its first single "Blame."

The song comes from Flat Earth's upcoming self-titled full-length debut, which was produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa at Finnvox in Helsinki. The track starts with a proggy keyboard line, but quickly morphs through a driving section filled with chuggy guitars and into a more reflective passage featuring arpeggios and aching melodic vocals.

"Open your eyes, I'll be here for a while / Shattered pieces... lake with blood inside / With me, kiss thy scars," sings Pikkarainen during one of the atmospheric verses.

Visually, "Blame" depicts the band performing in the main studio and laying down vocals in the booth. The clip was shot by Tommi Mattila, while Flat Earth was recording in February and March.

Flat Earth was conceived after Etelavuori had a major disagreement with Amorphis' management and left the group. Disillusioned, he briefly considered retirement, but quickly rebounded. "After over two decades playing with bands, I was at a point thinking that maybe I start doing something else. But then I knew I had these songs on my hard drive still, and nothing was done with them," he said in a statement. "And I just wanted to get rid of them and see what happens. But then it kind of took over and I started to focus more on that."

The bassist contacted Lindström even though he was still busy with HIM. During downtime from that band, they worked on new songs. It wasn't long before Pikkarainen heard what they were working on and wanted in. Karppinen solidified the lineup. During HIM's farewell tour, the members of Flat Earth tracked drums for seven demos. Meanwhile, the new group worked on more material, one of which Lindström wrote when he was 13.

"I have a great feeling about our new band," Lindström said. "Anthony had recorded with Hiili Hiilesmaa before, and the rest of us have known each other for years. It feels as if all the stars have finally aligned."

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