Five Finger Death Punch were joined onstage last Wednesday (May 17) by All That Remains frontman Phil Labonte at the Concrete Street Amphitheater in Corpus Christi, Texas, performing the song "Wash It All Away" as a duet with FFDP singer Ivan Moody.

"Could I take one minute of your f---ing night, please," Moody says before bringing Labonte out. "This is the first show I've played with Death Punch in six months in America. And about, about six months ago, I had a complete meltdown, and I'm willing to admit it. And luckily for me, my band understood. And they told me to take some time to myself. Now here's the best part; they asked me, if there was one person that they would pick to front this band if I was dead, I picked one of my oldest, greatest friends and one of the greatest f---ing singers in heavy metal today, Phil from All That Remains."

Labonte filled in for a total of six shows following Moody's aforementioned "complete meltdown" onstage at a late November show in Worcester, Mass. where he eventually left the stage mid-performance.

"Now while I was taking my vacation, I realized something," Moody continues in the fan-filmed clip. "Death Punch isn't just about us - it's about you motherf-----s. So I'm gonna give credit where credit is due, make some noise for my best friend and one of the greatest of all time ... Phil, come on out here."

Moody and Labonte embraced multiple times throughout the song, trading off on verses and singing the chorus together. Labonte said previously that he felt "nothing but love" from Five Finger Death Punch fans during his time fronting the band.

Late last week it was announced that Five Finger Death Punch would be one of the headliners at the Rock Allegiance festival in Philadelphia, Pa. this October. The band also recently finished recording their next album.

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