Fit For An Autopsy's 'The Consumer' is a throbbing slab of uber death-grind that Noisecreep is stoked to premiere. At barely three minutes long, it's as violent and fast as a street fight, ending as quickly as it started. The song features guest vocals from The Human Abstract's Travis Richter and appears on the 'The Process of Human Extermination,' which is out via Black Market Activities on June 21st.

Fit For an Autopsy are comprised of several impressive names from the metal underground. Guitarist Will Putney is a producer-engineer at The Machine Shop, where he has recorded bands like Lamb Of God, Suicide Silence, and Shadows Fall. Vocalist Nate Johnson has a resume littered with names like Turmoil, Through the Eyes of the Dead, and Premonitions of War. Members of Vision Of Disorder, The Red Chord, and Full Blown Chaos also guest on the new alb

Despite the band members' aggressive pedigrees, 'The Consumer' isn't all fists and fury. The song also features a socially aware lyrical thread about how humans knowingly harm the earth because it's convenient.

Listen to 'The Consumer' from Fit For an Autopsy

"'The Consumer' is a song composed around the idea that society knowingly and willingly destroys itself through the products it consumes," Putney recently told Noisecreep. "We've never been a band that's preached about any particular sort of lifestyle, but it's just sad to watch how acceptable s---ty food and environmentally damaging products have become on all levels. You're in a band, you're broke, so you eat Ramen noodles and McDonalds. And you buy products that harm the environment, and you burn fuel and oil and create waste that can't be cleaned up because it's cheaper to make it that way. And the whole time it's going down, you know it's bad for everyone, and you know its supporting people who don't have an interest in providing society with better products. But, people feel they just have to accept it like there's no other choice, regardless of the consequences consuming these products have.

"And s---, maybe we can't change how we live our lives, maybe it's already too far down the drain. At least with this tune we can say, 'We told you so!' My favorite line in this tune would have to be 'The greatest of consumers / The sow of the masses / Unholy leaders of immoral sacrifice / Foreseeable panic, devastation and havoc / Pig and man as one on the butcher's block.' FFAA collectively has a great distaste for the way things work in the world, so this is just one idea we thought would be fun to throw in kid's faces."

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