Filter frontman Richard Patrick has never been one to mince words, and the quippy and quotable frontman is speaking out about his concerns for Scott Weiland, the former frontman of Stone Temple Pilots. Weiland has been performing solo, having been booted from the band he was in and out of for the better part of two decades.

Patrick voiced his concerns in a very public forum -- a Facebook post. Perhaps that is his way of staging some sort of intervention from a distance.

His post read as follows:

"We need to really start thinking about Scott. He must be in a world of pain. I'm hearing bad things. I got this from a fan. Fan: 'I saw Scott Weiland last night ... worst show I have ever scene, he was beyong [sic] f---ed up on stage ...' If this doesn't scare anybody ... It should. I hope our community tries to reach out to him ..."

The singer was also interviewed on 'The Cousin Joe Show,' and was asked his thoughts on Linkin Park's Chester Bennington filling in as the vocalist for STP at a radio festival last month. Bennington also recorded a song with the band. Since Patrick was in the short-lived band Army of Anyone with Robert and Dean DeLeo, STP's bassist and guitarist, respectively, there is a world of history between these artists, but Patrick didn't get dramatic in his comments and his perception of the situation. He was honest.

"I know something about addiction and I know how hard it is to overcome that, but the reality is what do you do if you're in a band and you want to continue making the living you have and you want to continue putting out new music and you're co-dependent of the needs and wants of someone who just doesn't want to do anything, who doesn't want to go anywhere. Someone that is just not there, is just not present," Patrick said.

He also recalled an incident from five years ago in New Jersey.

"[Scott] is just kind of waking up, it's an hour after the show is supposed to have started and he's just kind of waking up and getting himself together," Patrick remembered, expressing his confusion at how an artist can refuse to consider his fans. "He's like 'Alright, I'm ready to go.' It's just like, what's going on? And we all know what's going on. For me, to sit there ... I'm actually shocked at how much an artist can crap all over his fans by making them wait that long. For those fans to sit there and say it's okay, but it's not STP without Scott and I understand that because I get that I truly get that. But I find it so amazing that someone can just dump all over his fans and make them wait, for an hour-and-a-half and make all the people at the venue stay way after midnight. The people that work there, the security people."

Patrick said he does love Weiland, but realizes that there is a larger issue at play here. You can read more of his assessment of the problem via

In other Filter news, the band's latest, 'The Sun Comes Out Tonight,' landed at retail today.

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