Filter have signed to Wind-Up Records to release their sixth album. They are in the Blue Room Studios in Los Angeles with Bob Marlette, grinding out the record!

The album is being written and recorded by band leader Richard Patrick and guitarist Jonny Radtke, as well as with Marlette. There will also be performances from touring members Jeff Friedl, Elias Mallin (drums) and Phil Buckman (bass). The lead single will impact radio in March with the album following in May, 2013.

Patrick said, "We're excited to enter a new phase of our career with Wind-up. They're expecting great things from us and we plan to deliver." [Via Press Release]

The Grill 'Em All Food Truck is launching a restaurant in Alhambra, California. It'll be called Grill 'Em All Burgers and is due to open on January 19. [Alhambra Source]

Rungs in a Ladder: Jacob Bannon, a mini-doc about Converge frontman Jacob Bannon, who is also a visual artist, will air on Noisey on January 22. In the doc, Bannon reflects on the formative events in his life as well as his continuing commitment to creation rather than destruction. The doc was directed by Ian McFarland, and it's the latest in an ongoing series of documentaries by McFarland that profile people carving a meaningful existence for themselves on the fringes of society, according to the press release. [Lambgoat]

Facedown Fest 2013 is slated to take place on April 12 and 13 at the Stronghold in Chino, Calif. The entire active Facedown roster will be playing, and tickets are super cheap. They are only $10 per night. Can't beat that.

Facedown's fearless leader Jason Dunn said, "Facedown Fest began in 2000 at an amazing venue called the Showcase Theatre. Over the years the fest grew and unfortunately the Showcase theatre had to shut its doors. I loved the energy of those early years from both the bands and the crowd and I am excited to have that again as Facedown Fest returns to a more intimate venue.

"The people at the Stronghold have been so supportive of our bands and label over the years so it just made sense to do this there. Plus, with the lower overhead we can offer $10 tickets to the people who are responsible for keeping Facedown alive for all of these years. This is one way for us to say thanks and give back to our incredible family of supporters."

April 12:



xLooking Forwardx

Onward to Olympas

The Burial

Those Who Fear


Letter to the Exiles


April 13:

War of Ages

Your Memorial

My Epic

Saving Grace

Hope for the Dying

Everything In Slow Motion


Ark Of The Covenant