While one might not normally associate Carmen Electra with metal, the actress does have a cameo in Filter's new video for the song 'No Love' from their recent release, 'The Trouble With Angels.' Electra is reportedly engaged to Filter guitarist Rob Patterson, so it's fitting for her to show up in the video.

The clip for 'No Love' features the four members of the band playing cards, and the pieces of the plot -- which include other scantily-clad, masked women alongside Electra -- unfold while the band performs the song. 'No Love' grooves at the same level of 'Hey Man Nice Shot,' which is one of the band's biggest hits and heaviest songs. Overall, it's a raucous track that features hot babes.

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Noisecreep is also pleased to present two live, acoustic songs performed by Filter in our Los Angeles studios. The band strips down and unplugs for 'No Love' and 'Fades Like a Photograph (Dead Angel).' The songs are as powerful unplugged as they are when performed electrically, and each song runs on alternating currents of vulnerability and raw energy.

Richard Patrick and the rest of the Filter crew, who are cloaked mostly in black, jam out to two of the best songs that appear on 'The Trouble With Angels.' It's one of the most intimate performances we've ever seen the band partake in, and we were thrilled that the it unfolded in our studio.

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