Celestial black metallers Fen have returned with the new track “Nebula.” From their upcoming studio album, The Dead Light, the fresh Fen cut is seven minutes of gorgeous blackgaze floating through space.

Fen will release lucky album No. 6 this year, following up their excellent fifth record, Winter, from 2017. Fen made it onto our 2017 up-and-coming bands list, and now they’re poised to take another step up the metal ranks with The Dead Light.

“Nebula” is a dense mix of soaring vocals, grim thematics and uplifting instrumentals, set on a backdrop of heavenly astral phenomena. "'Nebula' quite specifically addresses mankind's ongoing quest to uncover knowledge and delve ever further through the secrets of the universe to uncover 'truth.' Of course, when one is confronted with truths, these can often be too much to cope with, too much for the human mind to accept.” says frontman The Watcher.

“This is the real essence of the piece – standing on the precipice of revelation, being faced with the unvarnished, stark, cold harshness of reality and consciously stepping back from this, fleeing towards the warming embrace of ignorance and denial."

"When we watch the sky, we basically travel into the past and literally see dead light - nuclear fire from exploded planets, annihilated civilizations."

Check out the music video for “Nebula” above. Fen’s The Dead Light will be released Dec. 6, so be sure to pre-order the album here.

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