Coronavirus panic, quarantine and social distancing has stressed us all out, so for you metalheads who need to chill, here’s some ASMR designed especially for you!

The sound of our favorite instruments can always bring a sense of ease. For us, Dave Lombardo’s iconic double kick break in Slayer's “Angel of Death” is intensely satisfying, so we looped it. In front of a giant crowd, you can now watch Lombardo crush his kick drums for a super-lengthy break while healing your fragile nerves in the process.

Gojira were way ahead of the curve on ASMR, throwing gorgeous whale sounds throughout their breakthrough album, From Mars to Sirius. We fleshed that out just a tad, mixing it up with pieces of Batushka’s debut album and music from Sunn 0))) and Void Meditation Cult.

You may also want to check out Simon Smith on YouTube, who brilliantly crafted a video of black metal ASMR. In the clip, he gently taps upon his “Satan cup” and records the sinful sounds of him tying his hair up. In his full video, Smith wonderfully crinkles a receipt (probably for corpse paint) and even cleans out the locks from his hair brush.

Be kvlt and embrace the calm only ASMR and death itself can bring in the video above.

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