Smashing Pumpkins had made inroads in the music world with their debut disc 'Gish,' but they had no idea how things would explode with their sophomore set, 'Siamese Dream.' Released on July 27, 1993, the album catapulted the Billy Corgan-led band into the rock mainstream. This Readers Poll asks you to name your favorite song off the Smashing Pumpkins' breakout release, 'Siamese Dream.'

The album, beginning with the familiar opening notes of 'Cherub Rock,' is one of the most highly regarded albums of the '90s. The meta lyrics created by Corgan about his perception of the indie rock community struck a chord with listeners and 'Cherub Rock' became the band's first true hit. If 'Cherub Rock' allowed the band to peer into the mainstream, 'Today' absolutely obliterated any remaining barriers that stood in their way. The song also enjoyed extensive MTV play which also boosted the band's rising star. The final big breakout song from the album was the introspective rocker 'Disarm,' which became a fan favorite as well.

In addition to the major radio hits, songs like 'Rocket,' 'Soma,' 'Geek U.S.A.' 'Mayonaise' and 'Spaceboy' also earned their places in the hearts of Smashing Pumpkins fans, making 'Siamese Dream' a great listen from top to bottom.

Take a look at the full track listing below and let us know which song from the Smashing Pumpkins' landmark 'Siamese Dream' album is your favorite. Vote for your choice in the Readers Poll below:

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