"I just found out that I'm a 1%er. So this morning I've decided to start occupying myself in protest. Anybody want to join me?" NOFX bassist and frontman Fat Mike tweeted from San Francisco on November 1. The discovery prompted the politically minded punk rocker to close his Bank of America account, become a member of the New Resource Bank, and join the occupation, Punknews reports.

"I'm fully backing it. Closed BofA account" the punk rock mogul confirmed on Twitter. Fat Mike also led his band through performances at both Occupy San Francisco and Occupy Los Angeles. During their San Francisco performance NOFX debuted a new song written specially for the movement entitled, 'Wouldn't It Be Nice If Every Movement Had A Theme Song.'

They played a thirty minute set outside of Los Angeles City Hall on November 27, the day the protesters were to be evicted from their campsite. The band's half hour set included 'Franco-Un-American,' 'Leaving Jesusland,' 'Murder the Government,' and an abridged version of 'The Decline.'

According to LA Weekly their acoustic set was "almost inaudibly soft and notably tempered down" and the crowd "remained calm and peaceful." As of today however, the police have evicted the crowd and arrested over 200 people according to ABC news.

Watch the video for 'Wouldn't It Be Nice if Every Movement Had a Theme Song'

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