Do you ever look down at your Misfits shirt and go, "This looks great. I just wish there was a $118 shirt I could buy instead. And, is there a nearly $1,000 jacket I could wear over it?" Of course you do, which is why fashion designer John Varvatos stocks a line of high-end Misfits clothes to fit your posh punk lifestyle.

Among the mix of jacket and shirt options, there is even an item for bowling fans. We know you can't be caught looking like a schmuck at your Saturday night bowling league, so plunk down that $148 in disposable income and snatch that black and white checkered Misfits bowling shirt. If your team doesn't win, at least you'll have the consolation prize of being the best dressed amateur bowler, despite looking like a Nascar racing flag.

Varvatos' Misfits line offers up six pieces of outerwear — two styles of jackets and four different shirts — ranging from $88 to a whopping $998. Peruse the options below, listed from most to least expensive.

Misfits Biker Jacket — $998

Misfits Field Jacket — $498

Misfits Bobby Bowling Shirt — $148

Misfits Fiend Tee — $118

Misfits Tee — $118

Misfits Applique Skull Tee — $88

Varvatos, a Detroit, Michigan native, is an avid rock fan and has even featured stars such as Alice Cooper, Green Day, Iggy Pop, Velvet Revolver in others in ad campaigns for other lines of clothing. He's got a record label too.

Oh, here's a fun fact about the fashion icon: He pioneered the boxer briefs underwear design — one of the "Hybrid Moments" in menswear innovation.

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