Falling in Reverse and the rock band's figurehead lead singer, Ronnie Radke, have reportedly reached a legal settlement with the artist Playboi Carti after the hip-hop performer used Falling in Reverse's name as part of the rapper's official T-shirt designs.

Now, the band will receive settlement compensation of an undisclosed amount. Radke will get it as a lump sum from Playboi Carti, as Rock Feed uncovered on Wednesday (Feb. 16).

The settlement stems from a Carti merchandise line launched in 2020 that featured heavy metal-inspired graphics, including a black T-shirt with an upside-down crucifix, emblazoned with "Falling in Reverse" in bold white letters that were also upside-down on the shirt. When Radke came across the design, the Falling in Reverse singer threatened to sue the rapper in a series of December 2020 posts to his Instagram Story,

Radke wrote on social media, "@playboicarti cease and desist mr rapper boi stop stealing," adding, "@playboicarti I'm gonna steal this back from you and sell it to my fans."

It appears the shirt wasn't immediately pulled, however, so Radke moved forward legally. In addition to damages he'll now receive, Carti can no longer use the band's name without permission.

The settlement says the rapper's team "agree[s] that they will not use plaintiff's Falling in Reverse mark or any colorable imitation thereof in the future anywhere in the world in any manner, including without limitation in connection with the production, marketing or sale of any goods or services (i.e. merchandise), without the express written authorization" of Radke and the band.

Carti's metal-minded merch line was to promote his second album Whole Lotta Red, which came out on Christmas Day 2020. Falling in Reverse recently released a new single called "Zombified."

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