While it was Black Sabbath who made headlines going into the July 4 concert at London's Hyde Park, opening act Faith No More created a big headline of their own by performing their first new material in more than 15 years!

Faith No More haven't released a new studio disc since 1997's 'Album of the Year.' The band broke up in 1998 before re-forming in 2009 to play sporadic live shows over the past five years. But several weeks ago, frontman Mike Patton hinted at the possibility of new music, and that became a reality during the band's July 4 show.

During their set, the band played songs that are seemingly titled 'Leader of Men' and 'Motherf---er on the Phone.' Check out the fan-filmed performances in the players above and below.

The band also played the new material the following night (July 5) at the Open'er festival in Poland. Check out that performance below, as well.

Faith No More Perform 'Motherf---er on the Phone' at Hyde Park in London

Faith No More Perform 'Leader of Men' at the Open'er Festival in Poland:

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