The infamous hacking group Anonymous have chosen a rock 'n' roll target and it's Evanescence singer Amy Lee. The reason that the organization is going after Lee is because they believe that Lee and her manager Andrew Lurie are preventing a witness from reporting child pornography offenses via the band's web forum.

Wait, what?

The folks that comprise Anonymous are accusing Lee of forcing Sam Smith, a user on the forum, to sign a non-disclosure agreement which forbids him from reporting illegal acts and images posted on, the band's online fan-forum.

Smith was asked to sign a NDA so he could not discuss "drugs offenses that have been expressly admitted by the alleged perpetrators" and, according to the, the publication of some pretty heinous images. They include horrific and depraved photos, such as sexual offenses against a physically disabled male minor and cartoons with pre-teens in lawful poses but captioned with sexual comments. Comments about bestiality were also mentioned.

Apparently, Anonymous apparently discovered this information via one of their campaigns, dubbed Operation PedoChat, which is deisgned to track and stop pedophiles.

They have shared their findings with U.K. politicians, asking that they intervene and order Lee and Lurie to resolve the issue, and stat.

The group plans to protest Evanescence's U.K. shows in November, by showing up outside of the venues.

In the meantime, the forum has been shut down per management's request.

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