When Amy Lee announced in late 2012 that Evanescence would go on hiatus, her fans wondered what her next project would be. Now, we know the biggest one of all, as the singer has revealed in a new tweet to fans that she's pregnant with her first child!

In a Twitter posting to fans, the 32-year-old Lee explained that she couldn't keep the secret under wraps anymore and that here biggest "project" of the year was her child. It was not revealed whether she and her husband Josh Hartzler are have a boy or a girl. Lee's tweet can be read below:


In other Lee news, the singer recently reportedly acknowledged that she's filed legal action against her former record label, Wind-Up Records. She's reportedly seeking more than $1 million for unpaid royalties and other allegations. However, when questioned about it by MTV, the vocalist remained mum on the lawsuit.

She did however spill that she's been working on new music, but not for an Evanescence record. Lee recently teamed with composer Dave Eggar to create the music for the new film 'War Story,' which made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival. She called the film "very dark" and "introspective," and added that the tone fed into the music created for the movie. She also wrote one new song for the film titled 'Push the Button,' which is more electronic-based than her prior work.

Loudwire would like to send a big congratulations to Amy Lee on her pregnancy!

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