The legendary Norwegian band Enslaved have been hard at work on their thirteenth studio album. 'In Times' will be released March 10 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Guitarist Ivar Bjornson says, “I was so deep into the songs and ideas for such a long time (or have my head so far up my own ass, if you prefer more direct language) that it is hard to have any ‘opinions’ about them that is anything else than the high-flying mumbo-jumbo of the introvert songsmith. The songs are extensions of my inner and outer life, the thoughts I am aware of having, as well as those that lie too deep to register in everyday consciousness."

Bjornson continues, "The songs are the resounds of grandiose altered states and mundane tiny micro-events.  In addition, they are, of course, also the result of inspiration from other music and art.  I do think this new album is the most consistent body of work we have so far: It incorporates our ‘blacker’ past with our influences from prog rock, our present sense of absolute freedom, and the joy of being in this band, if that makes any sense… Ha, ha, ha.  It is higher in energy, more aggressive, yet more beautiful and subtle.  It simply sounds inspired.”

'In Times' was produced by Bjornson and his Enslaved bandmates Grutle Kjellson and Herbrand Larsen along with Iver Sandoy. The recordings were done at various studios in Norway, and the band even took a mobile studio deep into the woods to record additional sounds.

Enslaved, 'In Times' Track Listing

1. 'Thurisaz Dreaming'
2. 'Building With Fire'
3. 'One Thousand Years Of Rain'
4. 'Nauthir Bleeding'
5. 'In Times'
6. 'Daylight'