Most of us were barely disciplined enough to be picking up our toys at age six, much less a guitar. But Eluveitie's Chrigel has been playing an axe for most of his natural life. "I played guitar before, but not in our band," the mandolinist/singer told Noisecreep. "The guitarists we have play better than I do! But I have been playing mandolin since I was young. There's not too much difference between playing a mandolin and classical guitar. I started an education in classical guitar when I was 6 years old, so that's like 29 years ago, so that's quite a while."

So we can deduce, via simple subtraction, that Chrigel is a mere 35. He also contends that it was his idea to play -- he wasn't forced by his parents to take lessons after school. "I wanted to, and my parents let me. It was not forced on me at all," he said.

Another thing that's for certain is Eluveitie's continued growth as a band as they spend more and more time on the road together, playing and gelling, so to speak. "We have been on tour all the time, for the last three years, without much time off," Chrigel said. "We play countless shows all over and we grew together musically and developed because of that, and you can hear that on the new album."

'Everything Remains as It Never Was' is out now.