In the latest "Elders React" YouTube series, a small group of people are shown music videos and live footage of Korn, giving their honest reaction as most hear the band for the very first time. With crushing riffs, hip-hop-inspired bass lines, the paranoid vocal presence of Jonathan Davis and powerfully infectious choruses, there's a lot for these elders to digest.

The first piece of music they hear is "Blind," the opening track to the band's groundbreaking eponymous 1994 debut. "Is this Korn," Yehuda wonders aloud and he isn't the only one to recognize the band as Peggy recalls seeing the band "on some show," but didn't remember their name.

The reactions are generally split, but there's a sense that the band has hooked a fair amount of these new listeners. At first, some of the elders are unable to overcome the sheer heaviness of the band and some of the more aggressive screaming moments. "I don't mind horror movies but I kind of object to... whatever that was," commented Don. Meanwhile, Alex found reprieve in Korn's low-slung rhythms, declaring, "I'd so much rather have this than rap."

Some found the band's themes to be downright offense and reprehensible while others viewed songs like "Freak on a Leash" as societal commentary.

When it came to watching some live footage which focused on the massive mosh pits at Korn shows. "Mosh? Absolutely don't know what the Hell it is," says Don, while Yehuda explains, "They're letting out pain and they're letting out angst; at the same time it's a safe environment. I had to restrain myself from going into the mosh put because [I'm] too old." Those who got their first lesson in what a mosh pit is were left aghast.

To see what else this group of elders had to say, watch the full video above.

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