"It sounds like Dope and it feels like Dope," Dope frontman Edsel Dope told Noisecreep about his band's latest effort, 'No Regrets,' which represents a logical sonic progression for this crackling, industrially-tinged, aggro outfit. "We wanted to show that the band has musicianship to it and that our guitarist can rip and the drum patterns are more intense. It's a smarter record, but it's also got that Dope swagger."

Despite the label turbulence that has defined the band's career, as they've hopscotched from Epic to Artemis and now to Koch, the record is also a nod to real guitar heroes and real musicianship. As the vocalist says, "If you are a kid trying to learn the new Dope record on guitar, you'll have to be able to play the nuances."

That's not the only way the band is linked to real life guitar heroism, so to speak. Edsel's brother, keyboardist Simon Dope, left the band seven years ago but he's still linked to the music business. "He was never a musician," Edsel explains. "He joined the band to not graduate and to avoid putting on a lab coat and getting a job. He works on Guitar Hero now, with Neversoft. That is where he belongs, doing smart computer stuff. He's a big nerd." Nerdiness aside, Simon still comes to Dope shows and parties with the band. Edsel says, "He couldn't look less like a rock star, but he used to be a rock star. But he's making a lot more money than me!" Perhaps the crunchy yet commercially viable songs on 'No Regrets' will allow the Dope brothers to be on equal financial footing sooner than later. 'No Regrets' hits stores today.