"I'm scared to ask this. Are there any old school Dying Fetus fans out there?" bassist Sean Basley shrugged his head down before diving into this question at Gramercy Theater.

And just like when I saw the band open for Hatebreed in New Jersey a couple months ago, the youngest people in the crowd were lined up against the barricade screaming, "Yes!"

Once again, age doesn't prevent people from getting sucked into the Dying Fetus groove. You know, it's that bum-bum-bow sound that should be trademarked and credited whenever ripped off. For being such a brutal and unconventional band, Dying Fetus have one of the most contagious sounds I've heard in my life. The band's horn-worthy performance in New York City on Nov. 28 solidified this.

It was the kind of show that kicked me in the butt, so that when I went home I listened to some more Dying Fetus. A little FYI: their seventh and latest album 'Descend Into Depravity,' which was back in September via Relapse, is worth all the hype.

You can catch them on tour with the Faceless throughout the U.S. until Dec. 15.

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