Former Guns N' Roses and current Walking Papers bassist Duff McKagan has managed to continue rocking over a relatively long period, but should he ever step away, he's more than set with the financial knowledge he began cultivating at Seattle Central Community College. McKagan was recently honored as the community college's 2013 Distinguished Alumni honor.

The bassist, who is out on the road, filmed an acceptance speech while he was in Japan. In the clip, he stated, "I made money in my 20s, became sober in my 30s, looked around, and didn’t know who I could trust for money advice … Going to college was a main driver for me. Attending Seattle Central was an awesome experience — it taught me a lot about discipline in a great way.”

McKagan would be a great role model for those looking to go back to school and further their educational pursuits. He even offered this platitude, stating, "Having a college education has also helped my reputation. Every since, people take me more seriously in my industry, because most people in the music industry do not go to college."

During his stint at Seattle Central, McKagan took numerous economics courses and has parlayed that into providing financial advice. He's also become a respected columnist, writing on music and other interests in a Seattle Weekly column.

Watch Duff McKagan's Seattle Central Community College Acceptance Speech