John Petrucci of Dream Theater has one of the most iconic beards in metal. Though he started off with a baby-face look during the band's early years, his facial hair has been his trademark look ever since, and he's confident that beards actually make metal heavier.

"A beard makes the metal heavier," he assured to Metal Hammer. "And nothing smells better than a luxuriantly groomed beard. Growing a beard and learning to care for it is like getting a garden for the first time – you really throw yourself into it.”

The rocker is such a beard-care connoisseur that he teamed up with Captain Fawcett this past fall to create his own collection of beard grooming products, which includes the Nebula moustache wax, beard balm and beard oil.

Elsewhere in the discussion, Petrucci revealed what he thinks is not metal — drugs. In fact, his worst drug-related experience was a stimulant that people consume on a daily basis.

“I don’t do drugs, but as a teenager I gave in to peer pressure and some older kids persuaded me to drink something that was super-concentrated caffeine," he recalled. "It made me feel horrible. My heart was racing and I felt jittery. The experience scarred me. I remember thinking, ‘Why would anybody ever do this for pleasure?’”

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