Progressive metal titans Dream Theater are about to embark on a tour of Mexico and South America that includes stops in never-before toured countries. In early March, the members of Dream Theater will hop a plane and head straight for Mexico which includes a fifth time playing Mexico City's National Auditorium. After that, it's on to Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and the untested markets of Lima, Peru and Porto Alegre, Brazil. Playing in new places keeps things fresh for Dream Theater and all the members are ready to meet fans.

"90 percent of the touring we do, and every time we go to a new market, they are Dream Theater headlining shows, so we are usually playing to 'our' audience, and the crowds are insane and beyond enthusiastic," Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy exclusively tells Noisecreep.

Portnoy also explains that when the band happens to be earlier in a bill, such as during a festival or in a co-headline spot, adjustments are made to ensure everyone in attendance has a great time.

"We are very much musical chameleons, and I write set lists that can fit into many different situations, whether we are playing with Yes or playing with Megadeth."

During the run, Dream Theater will bring fellow prog rockers Bigelf along for the experience. For Portnoy, selecting an opening act is a personal choice, based on his own fanatical love for music.

"Dream Theater's opening acts are not decided by label, agents or management politics. The suggestions and decisions begin and end with me, and I pick them based on musical value, not marquee value," Portnoy explains. "I take great pride in personally handpicking all of the bands that tour with us. I am the biggest music fan you will ever meet and I try to take out bands that I really like and ones that I think our fans will enjoy."

All told, Dream Theater will perform 11 shows in six countries in about three weeks of touring.

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