Philip Anselmo has confirmed that Down are in the studio and he did so via photographic evidence posted on Instagram. So as you can "see" the band is in full-on Down mode, making its signature bottom-feeding, swampy sludge music.

Anselmo shared a photo of himself and his boys doing what they do best and that's jam out. The members of Down are holed up in Anselmo's Nodferatu's Lair down in New Orleans, working on an EP that is due out in early 2014.

The band has always said it plans to release four EPs -- one per year, with a year in between each of the releases -- so they are right on schedule.

The first EP, the numerically titled, Sabbath-influenced 'Down IV Part I -- The Purple EP' -- landed in Sept. 2012. It also found a spot on many critical "best of" lists.

See the photo of Down doing their thing below, along with an Anselmo-only shot. That's the stare of a man who is far beyond driven and completely and totally focused. Rejoice since it means that our ears will soon be filled with more of Down's awesomeness.