Down From Up may be unsigned, but the Knoxville band is still turning heads. They've worked with producer Nick Raskulinecz, who made his name via his efforts with Stone Sour and Foo Fighters, and are playing a handful of dates on the Hard Drive Tour alongside Saliva and Rev Theory.

Noisecreep is psyched to share the band's new song, 'Menace to Society' with our readers. The song is rife with Avenged Sevenfold-style guitar fills, and its chorus is hookier than a tackle box. The song also features plenty of shredding solos that are sure to please even the hardest headbanger.

Listen to ' Menace to Society'

"When we started the writing process for 'Menace,' we were really trying to nail an aggressive, fist-pumping type of rock tune, and to be more specific, we wanted to nail that vibe of Guns N' Roses and Iron Maiden glory era rock and give that a modern twist," guitarist Andy Wood recently told Noisecreep. "The music really is what starts the writing process -- usually a simple guitar riff, then we build the bed of the music on top of that. Lyrics come last, right after the melody lines."

Lyrically, 'Menace to Society' was born out of the simple ideas of anger and insanity, infused with little inspiration from Yngwie Malmsteen. "It's a warning from the song's protagonist character," Wood said. "Just don't underestimate him. He's a loose canon, then the song shifts into 'Welcome to the hell you brought on yourself when you pushed him too far.'"

The breakdown/solo section was inspired by 'Rising Force'-era Yngwie Malmsteen. " [We took] his diminished ideas and applied them to some fretboard tapping madness," Wood said. "We're trying to tie the music as closely as possible to the protagonist's mentality, which is borderline insanity."