Southern sludge and creepshow horror -- what else could you possibly ask for from Down? The veteran metal merchants just released a new video for 'Conjure,' and things get weird real quick.

'Conjure' is taken from Down's 2014 EP, 'Down IV - Part II.' The eight-minute trudge through the mud is a slow burn, so it only makes sense that its video ignite the same.

The clip begins in some sort of laboratory, where the man inside seems to make a trade for a vial of red powder. Between two corpses, the man takes a hit of powder as vocalist Philip Anselmo sings the opening line from 'Conjure,' "Snort the powder of Ibn Ghazi." The powder is a Lovecraftian creation, which "renders the unseen visible, opening terrifying vistas of reality and our frightful position therein." [via CthulhuLives]

From that point on, the insane horror begins as a blonde woman becomes possessed while staring at the visage of a goat-skulled figure, presumably Satan. At the same time, an orc-like creature appears in a graveyard. What follows is an 'Exorcist'-like ritual gone wrong, leading to the pastor's guts being ripped out by the possessed woman.

Without giving too much away, the rest of 'Conjure' depicts blood sacrifices, murder and lots of gore! In other words, fun for the whole family. The Satanic figure also brandishes an axe at the video's conclusion, so you know things simply can't end well.

In other Philip Anselmo news, the Down / Pantera legend was voted Rock Titan of 2014 in the 4th Annual Loudwire Music Awards. To check out the full list of winners chosen by the fans themselves, click here.

Check out Down's new clip for 'Conjure' above! [via Revolver]

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