Danzig plus Donna Summer equals "Donzig," and the combination equates to a sonic consequence that could be called Disco Danzig.

That's the gist of a befuddling yet mesmerizing mash-up of the dark one with '70s era "Queen of Disco." In "Bad Mother," Summer's "Bad Girls" gets combined with Danzig's classic "Mother." The result could easily be mistaken for a musical abomination before one's toes start tapping to the beat.

Listen to the Donzig "Bad Mother" mash-up down toward the bottom of this post.

Ever wanted to hear Glenn Danzig's commanding "Mother" vocal glide over a four-on-the-floor disco beat along with some Chic-style guitar? The musical merger probably wasn't on anyone's bucket list. Still, it will undoubtedly have the listener feeling something during an entirely uncanny four minutes.

The mash-up is the work of a YouTube user named Bill McClintock, a creator who's no stranger to throwing two disparate musicians in a pot and seeing what cooks. In the past, he's combined Motorhead with James Brown, Slipknot with Spice Girls, Pantera with Bill Withers, Marilyn Manson with Mariah Carey and Ratt with Marvin Gaye.

But don't assume McClintock doesn't see the humor in his creations. The school teacher by day wrote alongside the Manson and Carey mash-up that he was "gonna have [his] 6th graders perform it just like this for the concert."

Perhaps his students can perform the "Donzig" mash-up as well. He can show them what it's like.

Danzig + Donna Summer, "Donzig - Bad Mother" Mash-Up

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