dirge withinOwning a puppy is akin to having a kid. It depends on its owner for sustenance: food, shelter, love. Dirge Within guitarist Shaun Glass just got a new puppy with his fiancée. The pup is a golden doodle, named Ace Frehley, since, according to Glass, he looked "spacey." While the golden doodle breed may not rank super high or long on the Westminster list, it's an odd cross between a golden retriever and a poodle.

When Glass hit a recent stop on the Thrash and Burn Tour, he received some unexpected puppy rearing tips from DevilDriver frontman and sage Dez Fafara. New dog owners, take notes! "On the bus, Dez was pouring me some wine, trying to get me all crunk," Glass told Noisecreep with a chuckle. "I was telling him about the puppy, how he is teething and he recommended what he said is the best thing in the world.

"He told me to get a can, like a soup can, empty it out and put coins in it and tape it up. And anytime the dog is bad, you throw it on the floor. Not at the dog, but on the ground, near him. If he pees or bites hard, you shake the can. It apparently startles them, but chills them out because of the noise. I watched the band's gig and hung out, and went home and told my fiancée about the can suggestion."

It didn't take long for Fafara's advice to be vindicated. "The very next day, I was doing something and my fiancée had made the can and calls me to tell me the can works! I text Dez, 'The can works!' He said, 'I told you it would, but be gentle. Don't use it too much."

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