"I can turn on my garbage disposal and let it rip for an hour, with a blast beat on top of it, and get the same result as music that has no melody," Dirge Within guitarist (and ex-Soil axe) Shaun Glass told Noisecreep, referring to heavy music that doesn't incorporate memorable melodies into the mix. When writing the band's debut, 'Force Fed Lies,' Glass intently focused on writing metallic songs that didn't sacrifice the element of catchiness.

Dirge Within marks Glass' return to playing a more aggressive style of metal. He cut his chompers in death metal band Broken Hope before going in a more 'rawk' direction with Soil, the band he quit a few years back. "I haven't ever strayed too far away from the metal I've always loved," Glass said. "Dirge Within is way more metal. When I formed the band, I was enjoying it more. It was a happier environment and I put together a bunch of guys on the same page."

Glass admits that left Soil because he was "fed up with the whole industry, per-se, the major label radio rock world. I saw the reality of what those bands are, what it takes to be one of those bands, in order to get the success. I kept getting further and further away from that. That was never my intention for the band when I started Soil."

Glass, with his affinity for metal and his background, was "trying to write heavier stuff when I split with them and they were going the opposite way. It was natural for me to get back to playing heavier stuff, but I kept what I learned from the Soil experience. I still wanted to write songs, and punishing brutality needs melody. That's the key to this music."

Mission accomplished on 'Force Fed Lies,' which is in stores now. Dirge Within are currently on the Into the Mouth of Hell We Tour with Trivium, which marks their second proper national tour. "I am married to Matt Heafy for 65 shows," Glass laughed, referring to Trivium's frontman. "We already popped our heavy metal cherry touring with Static-X. It's great. I am stoked to do this."

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