Ronnie James Dio On Nov. 26, heavy metal icon Ronnie James Dio revealed through his wife and his Web site that "Ronnie has been diagnosed with the early stages" of stomach canceer, and that he is "starting treatment immediately at the Mayo Clinic. After he kills this dragon, Ronnie will be back on stage, where he belongs, doing what he loves best, performing for his fans."

And Ronnie is determined to battle the disease, which is the second most common cause of cancer death worldwide. It seems radio host Eddie Trunk spoke with Ronnie and his wife Wendy yesterday, and brought his listeners an update on the situation. Trunk, who boasts about knowing the news days before the rest of the world, promised to keep his listeners up-to-date on the situation "but know Ronnie is ready to fight and win, and anyone who knows the man knows he will succeed."

The former Elf, Rainbow and Black Sabbath singer, 67, was forced to cancel his band's European tour last week, after being hospitalized.

"The results of the many tests he has had were made known yesterday, so now he knows exactly what he is dealing with and will soon find out the course of action," Trunk explains. "The great news is that it did not spread and is in an early stage. I just hung up with him and he sounded great. The usual R.J.D., totally commited to 'killing the dragon,' and he will! He is not in pain, sounded great, and was ready to do what he has to do and get back on stage and sing like only he can."

Over a 20-minute conversation, Trunk says Dio remained positive, and expressed gratitude for the outpouring of support he's received from fans. "He's already made a few changes to his diet that he said has helped him feel great and admitted his days of having a few drinks are most likely behind him," Trunk says, before urging fans to keep up the well-wishes.

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