The first anniversary of Ronnie James Dio's death from stomach cancer was this past Monday, May 16th and we're still licking our wounds over that monumental loss of the little man with the big voice. RJD's family noted on his website that a prayer service was held at his resting place to mark the occasion.

However, we do have some good news to report. The Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund, which was established in the singer's memory, has raised over $450,000 in funds for cancer research.

The fund continues to be active and a guitar and bass will be auctioned off in New York City later this year and the proceeds will benefit the charity.

Even thought RJD is no longer with us, we are survived by his music and the fact that a charity set up in his honor contains to earn money to help eradicate the disease which took his life

Horns up in heaven, Ronnie. You are missed!

Watch Dio's video for 'Wild One'

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