Insidious Disease, the death metal band starring Dimmu Borgir guitarist Silenoz and Napalm Death's Shane Embury, among others, have just released "Enforcers of the Plague," their first new song in a decade.

A song with a title like that comes during a remarkably peculiar time in human history, but this is death metal and these apocalyptic themes are as old as the genre itself. "Enforcers of the Plague" is textbook brutality the way the olde gods intended — groove-straddling, chunky riffs, tortured vocals (from the throat of Morgoth vet Marc Grewe) and a battering, double-kick charged drum cavalcade devoid of blast beats like much of the early European scene was.

"Enforcers of the Plague" is the first glimpse of Insidious Disease's new record, After Death, which will be released later this year on Nuclear Blast. It features another stunning cover from the legendary metal artist Dan Seagrave. The artist had previously commanded the vivid, otherworldly scenes depicted on albums by Dismember, Entombed, Decrepit Birth, Gorguts, Morbid Angel, Suffocation and so many others.

Excited to tease the new record, the band exclaimed, "Due to some obvious recent events, we're a bit behind schedule on the new Insidious Disease album, but here's a taste of matured, chunky flesh for you to sink your teeth into!" Acknowledging the timing of the release, Insidious Disease added, "What could go better with the current times than a cut like 'Enforcers of The Plague?!'"

This forthcoming record will be the first from Insidious Disease since their debut, Shadowcast, was released in 2010. Rounding out the lineup is Cyrus (Susperia) on guitar and Tony Laureano (ex-Nile, ex-Dimmu Borgir, ex-Angelcorpse) on drums

Insidious Disease, "Enforcers of the Plague"

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