Norwegian blackened warriors Dimmu Borgir will release their latest blasphemous opus, 'Abahadabra,' on Oct. 12. The album is Dimmu at their most ultra-violent. It will also cause the finest hairs on the back of your neck to stand upright, thanks to the music's creepy tones.

But 'Abahadabra,' the title of which translates to 'I Will Speak as I Create,' isn't all flailing fists of fury. The album features contributions from 101 musicians, including Berklee College of Music summa cum laude alumnus and composer Gaute Storaas, the 51-member Norwegian Radio Orchestra and the 38-member Schola Cantorum Choir, which obviously gives the album a full, symphonic feel. We're not allowed to reveal the album's official track listing right now, but we can say that the music is Dimmu Borgir at their most polished, most ambitious and most neck-breaking.

The album also snaps the band's long-held tradition of three-word album titles. So while some little things have changed, the basic tenets of Dimmu Borgir remain the same; uncompromising black metal is the order of the day on 'Abahadabra.'


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