"This song goes out to all the ladies. Because all women are serial c--- suckers," Devourment frontman Mike Masewski said. Second to last on a seven band bill, Devourment must have downed a lot of coffee before their set on Oct. 15 at Baltimore's Sonar.

"Play a song where everyone dies!" a fan yelled. Masewski responded, "That fits every song, dude." The band opted for the song where babies die: 'Baby Killer.' It's quite true, Devourment's song content doesn't slouch in the gore and filth department.

"F--- yeah, Texas death metal!" another fan yelled in excitement. Masewski was very honored that a man dressed in a chicken suit made it to the show. Admiration and bro-love was totally in the air.

Except when it came to New York baseball teams. "Is anyone here a Yankees fan?" Masewski asked the Maryland crowd.

"Boo!" As it turns out, Marylanders are not Yankees fans. "Good. 'Cause the Texas Rangers are whipping their ass right now!"

Justina Villanueva
Justina Villanueva

Masewski said it was about time a Texas team won something other than football. He even went as far to say that when the brutal death metallers reached New York City the next day, he would yell, "F--- the Yankees." If that doesn't start a brawl, I don't think any slam breakdown could.

After Devourment's set, Cattle Decapitation shredded Sonar into pieces. As Masewski forewarned, "the singer is going to spit on himself and do all sorts of crazy stuff." Cattle frontman Travis Ryan did spit on himself, and Masewski showed supreme support by getting right up front.

The California Blood Tour -- which features Cattle Decapitation, Devourment, Knights of the Abyss, Burning the Masses and Sons of Aurelius -- continues until Nov. 2 at The Whisky in Hollywood, Calif. If the tour doesn't stop in your city, be sure to catch Devourment on the road with Dying Fetus throughout November.

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