Guitar great Steve Vai and the man of many projects Devin Townsend are set to reconnect onstage later this month at the Starmus Festival in Norway, marking the first time the two musicians have played together in nearly 25 years.

Townsend worked with Vai's killer self-titled band on the guitarist's 1993 release Sex and Religion. In addition to Vai and Townsend, the band included drummer Terry Bozzio and bassist T.M. Stevens, but the rhythm section exited after the album was finished, with Vai and Townsend playing with session musicians on tour.

Townsend revealed the news to eonmusic at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods ceremony, stating, "We’re doing one of my songs with an orchestra, and I’m singing with him for the first time in 25 years. I’m also playing some of his stuff, so I think, now that I’ve been elevated to Riff Lord, I may get a promotion!”

As for the show itself, Townsend added, "It’s a festival that’s based around physics and science, and I really enjoy that. [Being] 45-years-old, and sober, and [having] kids and all that, I really respect that sort of process. I really like the idea that something that is maybe stereotypically known as being a knuckle-dragging genre, is able to participate in things that are really beautiful like this and contribute to it."

According to Townsend, he and Vai will perform one song from the Sex & Religion album. "We’ve known each other for many years, so to be able to get together like that is really cool,” stated Townsend.

Starmus Festval: Live And The Universe will take place in Trondheim, Norway from June 18-23.

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