From the unparalleled mind of Devin Townsend to your ears, the multitalented musician is soon to release 'Z2,' a release fans have been begging for since 'Ziltoid the Omniscient' dropped in 2007. 'Z2' (a double album consisting of the discs 'Sky Blue' and 'Dark Matters') will be available on Oct. 27, but we've got a little taste of the album for you right now!

Seven years have passed since Ziltoid first sought out to find the universe's greatest cup of coffee. The vulgar alien is still scouring the earth for coffee, as evidenced in Devin Townsend's extremely entertaining web series 'ZTV,' which debuted in late September.

We're proud to partner with Devin Townsend to premiere the brand new lyric video for 'Rejoice' from his 'Z2' album. The song is pure Devin Townsend, bringing the heavy while paying close attention to atmospheric beauty.

Townsend tells us, "Hey guys, here's the first song from 'Sky Blue.' It's called 'Rejoice.' The album in general is about fighting through the ugly moments, and I think this song kind of summarizes it. 'Z2' was a very challenging record, but after intense personal scrutiny, I feel very proud. It's the most accurate representation of a challenging time. rejoice! Thanks for the support!"

Check out the premiere of Devin Townsend's 'Rejoice' lyric video above! To pre-order 'Z2,' click here.

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