Devin Townsend Today is a most glorious day, as the Devin Townsend Project's 'Addicted' finally hits record store shelves. The disc is the second in a series of four recorded under the DTP banner, and is easily one of the year's best offerings. It's crushing, hyper heavy metal that proves, once more, that Townsend is one of metal's most prolific mad scientists.

To honor the occasion, our pals at MetalSucks enlisted Townsend to helm the site. Along with a review of 'Addicted,' DevinTownsendSucks features editorial from the former Strapping Young Lad mastermind and some revelations about Hevy Devy's future projects. According to Townsend, he's "working on my first, full blown musical ... and yes (much to some folks' chagrin), it's a new Ziltoid record."

Called 'Z2,' the album will be a more grandiose production than its predecessor and will be "an amazing way for me to reach those diabolical depths [of marijuana and other vices he's since quit] through a character and not directly me." He's even created a Ziltoid puppet, which he claims was partially constructed from his erstwhile skullet.

Devin also waxes nostalgic about Blabbermouth creator Borivoj Krgin, the monotony of doing 40 interviews a week and still "dealing with births, deaths, house falling apart, screaming baby, angry fans, obsessive folks, new bands, money problems, sore back, no sleep ... you know, LIFE."

Then, Townsend raises the question: Is long hair really cool anymore? "All the 'hardest' folks I've met throughout the years have short hair for the practicality of it, so I'm just wondering your opinions," he says. "In 1990, when I was dating, we all used to go to Club Soda in Vancouver with stupid Jane's Addiction-type clothing and carefully coifed doos that we would flick around hither nither whilst chatting up females (usually with the SAME HAIR) while holding our jaws in that particular way that we knew hid our enormous Adam's apples and whatnot ... but twenty years later ... um ... I don't know."

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