Prog visionary Devin Townsend will release his latest album, Lightwork, on Oct. 28 and he's now released the second single, "Call of the Void."

The track follows "Moonpeople" and suggests to fans that this record won't be quite as lined with some of the brutal aggression present in so much of Devy's previous affairs. Or will it? Who knows? It's what makes a new released from him so exciting — a sincere case of "expect the unexpected."

"Call of the Void" is another chill, relaxed effort with a dreamy atmosphere and is among the most straightforward of any of Townsend's musical output. That's not to say there isn't a lot to still dive into as there's rich textures and layered arrangements that make this song just as dynamic as any whacked out, full-tilt prog track elsewhere in Devy's expansive catalog. It all comes down to great songwriting in the end.

“The concept of the song is based around the ‘call of the void’ as an analogy for intrusive thoughts. I first heard the term describing 'the temptation to hurl yourself over the cliff when you’re driving a car'… or to 'put your hand in the fire when you know you’ll get burned’ etc… thoughts that you know are wrong, but you fear that you won’t be able to control the impulses to deny it. The point being: often I feel we have a choice and trying not to lose sight of that was very important to me during recent difficult times," says Townsend of the latest Lightwork song.

Ever the thorough creative artist, he's also provided fans with a compelling visual component to "Call of the Void," helping bring a sense of completeness to everything.

“All through lockdown, I really fell in love with ‘cabview train journeys’ that ‘Railway Cowgirl’ and others were posting on YouTube," Townsend explains of the video inspiration, "Essentially, they are often full, first-person journeys to cold and distant places, far from the chaos of the world, with a sense of constant momentum really calmed me. Maybe being on tour for so many years is what made it a comfort to watch during lockdown, but in any event, I started writing with the videos playing in the background in the studio and so I thought it would be appropriate for this video."

He continues, Thank you 'Railway Cowgirl’ for the permission to use these clips. If while viewing this video you enjoy the footage, please visit her YouTube channel and check out all her wonderful content. In regards to the ’story’ of these three videos, the character is now on the train headed to where the Lighthouse is located. So, there you go… song two. It’s about not letting the chaos of the world shake you. Trying to stay calm at our center to try and get through it all."

Soak in "Call of the Void" below and head further down the page to view the Lightwork album art and track listing. Pre-order the album (coming out Oct. 28 on InsideOut Music) here.

Devin Townsend, "Call of the Void"

Devin Townsend, Lightwork Album Art + Track Listing

Devin Townsend, 'Lightwork'
InsideOut Music

01. "Moonpeople"
02. "Lightworker"
03. "Equinox"
04. "Call Of The Void"
05. "Heartbreaker"
06. "Dimensions"
07. "Celestial Signals"
08. "Heavy Burden"
09. "Vacation"
10. "Children Of God"

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