Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter have released their fifth album, 'The World Is a Thorn.' While the band waves the flag of their Christian metal status proudly, the music has more in common with secular bands like Sepultura and Machine Head. In fact, vocalist Ryan Clark admits the band didn't change the template; instead, they upped the ante.

He says the music is "heavier and cranked up a notch in tempo. We didn't change the formula too much. It's what fans want. We have ballads, which we've always done. I intentionally wrote riffs a little more intricately and heavier and faster than before. There are a couple that are faster than anything we've ever done and are real thrashy ... Not in a throwback sense, but a driving, classic thrash style."

The album cycles through a range of moods and tempos, from the aforementioned ballad to super fast anthems. Take a listen for yourself and enjoy our full album stream of 'The World is Thorn.' This is one thorn you'll want in your side.