From decadence and tragedy to sold-out stadiums and international super-stardom, Def Leppard have achieved almost every hard rock milestone over the course of their 30 year career. Surprisingly, the one benchmark they never reached during their phenomenal run of diamond albums and hit singles was a simple live album. Finally, the wait is over: Def Leppard's very first official live record is called 'Mirrorball,' out June 7th.

Why no live album for so long? "We've always just wanted to keep making new music when a tour's finished," frontman Joe Elliott told Noisecreep. "Because we just took a year off, it's the first real break that we've had in 30 years. It gave us the opportunity to actually consider a live album because we had recorded maybe 40, 50 shows during the tour in 2008-2009."

On the live album, the band found a way to incorporate their need to keep moving forward by including three new songs: 'Undefeated,' 'Kings Of The World,' and 'It's All About Believin'.' Elliott says the new songs will help their upcoming tour with Heart. "With three new songs it gives us a chance to play new music as well," he says. "['Undefeated' is] a huge arena rock anthem, so first-pumping positivity, big drums, big guitars, simple chords, and a very uplifting lyric. 'Undefeated' is definitely in the pool of songs to play live."

Writing the new songs was easy for the band. "We had that energy, we can't stop writing," Elliott says. Finally making a live album, one that can stand up to every lofty Def Leppard accomplishment, was harder. Elliott had a specific album in mind to follow to achieve that goal. "What we said before we even set out was 'We've got to make our 'Live And Dangerous' [Thin Lizzy live album].' That was a template, that was a blueprint. That was, to me, growing up, my favorite live album," he says. "'Live And Dangerous' was an improvement on the studio versions of their songs."

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