"I know some people complain about musicians going on about politics, but I recently got pulled into my own political controversy and I had no choice," a heated Dee Snider tells Noisecreep.

The Twisted Sister frontman is referring to a public beef he had with Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan for using Twisted Sister's 1984 anthem "We're Not Gonna Take It" in his then campaign for the vice presidency.

Snider – who will be honored this Thursday (Jan. 24) at the 2nd Annual Revolver and Guitar World Rock & Roll Roast in Anaheim, Calif. – was initially surprised that his comments about Ryan to a smaller media outlet picked up as much steam as it did.

"I guess nothing is small anymore with the Internet. But yeah, everyone picked up the story."

The Twisted Sister frontman thinks that Ryan's use of "We're Not Gonna Take It" missed the point of the song's free-spirited lyrics.

"Ryan and his people clearly didn't listen to the words of the song. It says in it, 'We've got the right to choose.' It's the first line! So with him not being pro-choice, I thought it was ridiculous that he would use my song. I don't like the guy and I virtually stand against everything he stands for – well maybe not [popular fitness program] P90X," laughs Snider, 57.

"It's mind-numbing how many conservative rock musicians there are now! That's so convenient when you have a lot of money. 'Now I have money, so I'm a Republican.' But when they were broke, struggling musicians, they were liberal and all for sharing the wealth. It's so convenient."

Since we're on the subject of conservative musicians, Noisecreep asks Snider how he feels about fellow rock icon Ted Nugent's recent comments about Barack Obama and gun control.

"Ted's always been a gun-toting conservative. But what gets me is that he was actually a draft dodger! I mean, to the point where he didn't bathe for a week, and vomited on himself to deliberately avoid the draft. I totally understand why he did that, but all of these Republicans who love Ted don't seem to know or remember that too well. It's crazy that he's become one of the voices of Conservative America even though he was a draft dodger. If you don't believe me, Google it."

Watch Dee Snider Rock & Roll Roast Video Teaser

The 2nd Annual Revolver and Guitar World Rock & Roll Roast is going down at The Grove in Anaheim, Calif. (Jan. 24) and will be open to the public. It will also air live on AXS TV at midnight ET (9 p.m. PT).

This year the Roastmaster will be comedian/illusionist Penn Jillette and will feature guests such as last year's honoree Zakk Wylde, Anthrax's Scott Ian, Lita Ford, WWE legend Mick Foley and That Metal Show host Eddie Trunk. Comedy and roast experts Jim Norton, Craig Gass, Jim Florentine and others will grill Snider throughout the evening.

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