Dee Snider has slammed Jon Schaffer on Twitter, calling the Iced Earth musician a "piece of shit" after he entered a guilty plea to several charges against him for his involvement with the Capitol raid in January.

On April 16, Schaffer plead guilty on two charges — obstruction of an official proceeding of Congress, and illegally entering the Capitol with a deadly or dangerous weapon. He was initially charged with six offenses.

Snider made his remarks after the news of Schaffer's guilty plea spread.

"This piece of shit is an embarrassment to the metal community," Snider wrote on April 18. "First he shames us with his terrorist actions on in D.C., and then he becomes a rat to his own people for a lighter sentence! Man the fuck up! Own your shit! If you do the crime, do the time!"

After someone replied to his initial tweet asking if he had the same feelings about 9/11 attackers, Snider said, "I'm glad for our country's sake that he's ratting, but it speaks volumes about the man he is. I was raised differently. You commit a crime, you shut up and take your punishment. You never throw others under the bus. And you can bet your ass they aren't water boarding this POS."

See a series of posts by Snider below.

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